Understanding Large Temporal Networks and Spatial Networks

Vladimir Batagelj, Patrick Doreian, Anuška Ferligoj, Nataša Kejžar: Understanding Large Temporal Networks and Spatial Networks: Exploration, Pattern Searching, Visualization and Network Evolution, Wiley, October 2014.


This book explores social mechanisms that drive network change and link them to computationally sound models of changing structure to detect patterns. This text identifies the social processes generating these networks and how networks have evolved.

Pajek - the software accompanying the book

The Application sections in the book show how to perform social network analysis with program Pajek. It uses a particular version of the software, namely Pajek3. Its installation file is available at Pajek home / download page.


How to, Hints


  • page 12, last line - missing space between htm and Pajek datasets
  • page 408, item starting with Gateshead has a closing bracket

The data sets used in the book

After you download the zipped data files, extract the data files to your personal network analysis folder (the default folder will be \LargeNets). For each chapter, a new subfolder will be created containing the data files belonging to that chapter.

Books; Pajek Home

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