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Here is some information about the COSTNET meeting in Hotel Ribno on September 21 to 23, 2016.

Hotel Ribno is located near lake Bled in Slovenia

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  1. If the reservation of a room is at least for 2 days the cost per person per day full pension (single room) is 80 euros + 1,27 euros of touristic tax. The cost per person per day full pension in a double room is 55 euros + 1,27 euros of touristic tax. If you stay less than 2 days the price is 20% higher.
  2. The participants have to make their hotel reservation by themselves at the e-mail address info@hotel-ribno.si mentioning that they are COSTNET participants. They have to do the hotel reservation till May 30. After this date the hotel will sell the rooms that will not be used by our participants to the other guests.
    • Unfortunatelly, hotel Ribno is full. But there are some smaller pensions walking distance to the hotel. You can try to book a room in Penzion Lukanc (http://www.lukanc-bled.com/en/) in the village Selo very close to hotel Ribno and apartments Pri dveh petelinih (300 m from hotel) (http://www.petelini.si/). A lunch or dinner in the hotel costs 12 euros per meal for our participants.
  3. The COSTNET members have to register their participation at this meeting by sending an e-mail to Anuška Ferligoj (anuska.ferligoj@fdv.uni-lj.si). Please, specify who is coming to the meeting, the arrival date to Ribno and departure date from Ribno. Because of the limited capacities in the hotel we will accept registrations on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  4. Before the COSTNET meeting there will be the annual international conference Applied Statistics organized by the Statistical Society of Slovenia also at the hotel Ribno. You are invited to participate also at this conference - the abstract submission deadline is June 1, 2016.
  5. Transportation: the closest airport is Ljubljana airport. It has links to main European airports, but most of you will probably need to change the plane. For transportation from Ljubljana airport to Ribno the most convenient options are GoOpti or Markun.
  6. In the case that the flights to Ljubljana are extremely inconvenient or too expensive you may also consider the neighboring airports: Triest, Klagenfurt, Graz, Zagreb or Venice. You can arrange the transportation from all these airports to Hotel Ribno by GoOpti.
  7. Participants from Central European countries can also consider the train to nearby village Lesce-Bled.
  8. All participants are supposed to pay the travel and hotel costs by themselves and after the meeting the costs for the eligible participants will be reimbursed. Given the limited finances, one or at most two of the same institution will be reimbursed.

Registration check list:

  1. Register with for the COSTNET meeting, send an e-mail to Anuška Ferligoj (with names and dates of participation – and wait for approval as there is a 60 person max of people reimbursed and 100 people to fit in the hotel).
  2. Reserve the room in Hotel Ribno. As an alternative, there are many hotels at Bled, but there is no public transportation between Bled and Hotel Ribno. Walking takes around half an hour. Taxi is expensive. Another option is to rent a room or an apartment in nearby villages.
  3. Arrange your travel. In case of problems contact Anuška Ferligoj - may be we can suggest you some additional options.
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