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Description of networks

  • csv

Network description

Size of the network

N = (V,L,P,W)

list of nodes (V,L) list of links (L,W)

id, label, name=key



  • JSON


Informal description of the basic netsJSON format

"netsJSON": "basic",
"info": {
   "org":1, "nNodes":n, "nArcs":mA, "nEdges":mE,
   "simple":TF, "directed":TF, "multirel":TF, "mode":m, 
   "network":fName, "title":title,
   "time": { "Tmin":tm, "Tmax":tM, "Tlabs": {labs} },
   "meta": [events], ...
"nodes": [
   { "id":nodeId, "lab":label, "x":x, "y":y, ... },
"links": [
   { "type":arc/edge, "n1":nodeID1, "n2":nodeID2, "rel":r, ... }

where are user defined properties and *** is a sequence of such elements; and an event description can contain fields:

   {  "date": date,
      "title": short description,
      "author": name,
      "desc": long description,
      "url": URL,
      "cite": reference

Example of a basic netsJSON description

Caviar - TEN -> netsJSON

general netsJSON

  • types of network data
  • Pajek2netsJSON

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