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SOCNET, May 10 2016

Subject 	Panama Papers dataset released
From 	Robert Marriott
Sender 	Social Networks Discussion Forum
Date 	Mon 21:50

Valdis Krebs mentioned the Panama Papers a couple weeks ago. Well, the full dataset of the Panama Papers, as well as a related offshore entity investigation, have just been released by the ICIJ. I'm not affiliated with the releasing organizations in any way, but there's likely to be a feeding frenzy on this, so I wanted to be sure the listserv received immediate notice once the data became available.

The dataset is already up online in a graphical network format for the casual use of the public and media. More interesting for our purposes, the whole enchiada is available in multiple csv formats.

A word of warning, it is truly enormous; the edgelist file is beyond the line limit for excel. Also bear in mind that the dataset is subject to some form of GPL-style open data licensing that I'm not familiar with- I recommend checking that information before you rev up your preferred analysis tool.

In the event that folks haven't been following the news, the Panama Papers represent a massive leak of offshore corporate entity information (~320,000 entities) from the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. Offshore entities of the sort included in the leak can have legitimate or legal purposes, but they are primarily seen as a means of tax avoidance or evasion, as well as a venue of organized criminal activity. This is particularly the case with firms like the one targeted in the leak. Until today, released information from the leak had been more selective, but individual disclosures had already brought down the Icelandic PM. This seems like a hot potato, but the sheer size of the leak is making it difficult for the responsible organizations, or the press, to process.


Robert Marriott, Penn State University


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