Temporal networks

Dataset: terror - Reuters terror news network


The network terror contains a temporal network of co-appearance of words in daily news about the September 11th attack. It contains 13332 nodes (words) over 66 days (Sep-11 to Nov-15) and 243447 edges.

This is a drawing of the most active words in the terror.ten network.


The network DaysAll.net (in Pajek format) contains the main connected component of the network obtained by transforming the Reuters terror news network into a combined network for all 66 days (union of all time points). It has 13308 vertices.

The file terrorTen.zip contains the following files:

  • terror.ten - network in TEN format;



The Reuters terror news network was obtained from the CRA networks produced by Steve Corman and Kevin Dooley at Arizona State University. Please acknowledge this when publishing results based on these data.

The Reuters terror news network is based on all stories released during 66 consecutive days by the news agency Reuters concerning the September 11 attack on the U.S., beginning at 9:00 AM EST 9/11/01. The nodes of a network are words (terms); there is an edge between two words iff they appear in the same text unit (sentence). The weight of an edge is its frequency. The network has n = 13332 nodes (different words in the news) and m = 243447 edges, 50859 with value larger than 1. There are no loops in the network.

The Reuters terror news network was used as a case network for the Viszards visualization session on the Sunbelt XXII International Sunbelt Social Network Conference, New Orleans, USA, 13-17. February 2002.


  • December 5-12, 2001: CRA networks constructed by Steve Corman and his group.
  • December 2001: Vladimir Batagelj transformed the CRA data into Pajek format - Days.net.
  • May 17, 2014: Vladimir Batagelj transformed the data in Pajek format into Ianus format.


  • Steven R. Corman, Timothy Kuhn, Robert D. Mcphee and Kevin J. Dooley (2002): Studying Complex Discursive Systems: Centering Resonance Analysis of Communication. Crawdad Technologies. (URL)
  • Vladimir Batagelj, Andrej Mrvar (2003): A density based approaches to network analysis: Analysis of Reuters terror news network, Ninth Annual ACM SIGKDD, Washington, D.C. (PDF)
  • Visualization of 66 days (SVG)
  • Jeffrey C. Johnson and Lothar Krempel (2004): Network Visualization: The “Bush Team” in Reuters News Ticker 9/11-11/15/01. The Journal of Social Structure's, Vol. 5, No. 1. (HTML)



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