Assignment 1

a. Among the networks (description) from the following list:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,
download the network with your number (in the list of participants), read it in Pajek and draw it 'nicely'.

b. Transform the Moreno's sociogram with your number from the following list:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,
into Pajek's network data format. Using Pajek draw it to resemble the Moreno's picture.
Info about Moreno's sociograms: keys, 1, 2, S1, S2.

Both pictures and the Pajek's net file for your sociogram upload to Moodle till Wednesday, July 29 before the lectures.

Assignment 2

a. read slides Sources of networks.

b. for 'your' network from assignment 1.a determine and draw the female/male subnetwork; determine the vertices with largest in/out/all-degree; determine initial/terminal/isolated vertices.

c. in the S&K network: select a continent (not North America or Oceania), extract the subnetwork of countries belonging to it, draw it; draw it in the context of other continents. Select two continents. Extract and draw the subnetwork of lines between these two continents.

Upload the results to Moodle till Thursday, July 30 before the lectures.

Assignment 3

a. apply the connectivity concepts to 'your' network. For example: determine strong/weak components, …

b. apply the connectivity concepts to selected network with at least 1000 vertices from the Pajek data sets.

Upload the results to Moodle till Friday, July 31 before the lectures.

Assignment 4

a. apply the indices to 'your' network.

b. apply the connectivities and indices to networks US airports and FOLDOC.

Upload the results to Moodle till Monday, August 3 before the lectures.

Assignment 5

a. determine interesting subnetworks (islands) in the Edinburgh Associative Thesaurus.

b. Determine cores and pS-cores in the Computational Geometry Collaboration network.

Upload the results to Moodle till Tuesday, August 4 before the lectures.

Assignment 6

a. Analyze selected citation network from Citation networks or from WoS networks.

b. find on the WWW an interesting genealogy (GED file) and identify relinking marriages. See for example: GenealogyForum, KinSources (Ragusa, Livorno, TurkishNomads, …)(see also).

Upload the results to Moodle till Wednesday, August 5 before the lectures.

Assignment 7

a. analyze the two mode network They rule. For analysis use the reduced file TheyRuleR.paj.

Aug 5, 20:09: We had problems in the lab because the edge 4958 4559 was duplicated. I corrected the Download the corrected data.

Instead of the network They rule, you can analyze the World cities network.

b. On the WoS2Pajek page select a data set (SocNet, SN5, Rnd, TopInd, …) and analyze the files in it. See N. Kejžar, S. Korenjak-Černe, V. Batagelj: Network Analysis of Works on Clustering and Classification from Web of Science (published in Proceedings of IFCS'09) and V. Batagelj, M. Cerinšek: On bibliographic networks. Scientometrics (2013) or ArXiV.

Upload the results to Moodle till Thursday, August 6 before the lectures.

Assignment 8

a. analyze 'your' network using clustering and blockmodeling.

b. analyze S&K network (or some other dense network) using clustering and blockmodeling.

Upload the results to Moodle till Friday, August 7 before the lectures.


Complete the survey.

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