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Andrej and Vladimir are also Russian names. At Chinese tools I found a link to Андрей and Владимир and also Vladimir

There is another answer at Tepson

which also used in


Finally I found the page Transliteration where I obtained the following 10-Best Transliterations in Chinese with decreasing likelihood:

Andrej Andrey Mrvar
安德雷杰 安德雷 马瓦
安德雷伊 安德里 马瓦尔
安德雷赫 安德雷伊 马尔瓦
安德雷季 安德赖 马尔瓦尔
安德里杰 安德丽 玛瓦
安德杰 兰里 玛瓦尔
安德里伊 阿恩德里 马瓦尔
安德伊 安德尔里 马夫阿
安大杰 兰雷 马韦尔
安德烈杰 恩德里 马夫拉
Vladimir Batagelj Batagel
弗拉迪米尔 巴塔格利 巴塔格尔
夫拉迪米尔 巴塔格尔杰 巴塔杰
瓦拉迪米尔 巴塔格尔伊 贝塔格尔
弗拉迪默 巴塔吉利 巴塔格埃尔
夫拉迪默 巴塔杰杰 巴塔格
瓦拉迪默 巴塔奇利 巴塔盖尔
夫莱迪米尔 巴塔格杰 巴塔吉尔
弗莱迪米尔 巴塔格尔赫 巴特阿格尔
弗拉迪迈尔 巴塔格尔季 巴塔杰尔
瓦莱迪米尔 巴塔格埃利 巴太格尔


To check the solutions I used the Online Chinese Character to Pinyin Converter with Pronunciation - we enter the Chinese text into the text field and then click the Convert button. We obtain the text transcribed into pinyin. Clicking to Sentence Pronunciation (Beta) we can listen to its pronunciation.

Using this approach it seems that phonetically the closest solutions are

Andrej Mrvar: 安德雷 马尔瓦尔 (an1 de2 lei2 – Ma3 er3 wa3 er3)

Vladimir Batagelj: 伍拉迪米尔 巴塔格利 or 巴塔格尔 (wu3 la1 di2 mi3 er3 – ba1 ta3 ge2 li4 – ba1 ta3 ge2 er3)

Help from Belgrade

Od: v_jevremovic@matf.bg.ac.rs [v_jevremovic@matf.bg.ac.rs]
Poslano: 26. marec 2012 20:11
Za: Ferligoj, Anuška
Zadeva: Ime na kineskom i pozdrav iz Beograda

Draga Anuska,

Veoma mi je drago sto smo u povratku imali prilike da jos malo
porazgovaramo. Kao sto sam spomenula moj sin, Vladimir, dobro poznaje
kineski jezik, pa mu je bilo drago da prevede na kineski ime i prezime
tvog supruga:

Vladimir Batagelj

Za slucaj da ne vidite znake u okviru poruke, u attachmentu je slicica :)

Puno srdacnih pozdrava i sve najbolje, Vesna Jevremovic


Feng Lin's proposal

From: 林枫 [peterduuslin@gmail.com]
Sent: Saturday, March 10, 2012 18:19
To: Mrvar, Andrej
Subject: Re: The Translation

I have translated your name as following Chinese characters:
The “安” means peace,tranquility, safe and in good health.
The “德” means good virtue and admirable quality.
The “瑞” means auspicious and lucky.
The “马” is a general surname in China, it's the Chinese character of “horse”, in China, we believe that the horse is a symbol with speed and prompt properties.
The “禄” means incomings and money from government, institutes or academic schools.
The “发” means people will have good luck and get more and more money, growing and developing more fortune.

In addition, the press company told me that the preface should have signatures and time. So I wonder if you can told me who and when wrote the prefaces of the 1st and 2nd editions.

Best Regards! Feng Lin

Subject:   	Re: The Translation
From:   	林枫 <peterduuslin@gmail.com>
Date:   	Sat, April 14, 2012 06:16
To:   	vladimir.batagelj@fmf.uni-lj.si

Dear Professor:
Here I attached the translation of name in JPG format. The name translation in China is not only by using pronunciations, but also by following translations appeared in history, and in addition, every Chinese character has some particular meaning and some characters are not suitable for name in Chinese culture. Perhaps you can find someone to check my translation.

Best Regards!

Feng Lin


安德瑞.马禄发 弗拉迪米尔·巴塔盖尔吉

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