txt2pajek: Converting text file data sets into Pajek format

Program by Jürgen Pfeffer, Vienna University of Technology

txt2pajek last version

This program converts different types of text files into pajek .net files. The improvements compared to Excel2Pajek are:

  • no size limits
  • about 10 times faster than excel2pajek
  • optional line values
  • optional other line settings (e.g. color, line labels, …)
  • works with different separators
  • optional loops
  • optional empty cells

How to do
Select the input file, select the separator (e.g. tab, comma, …). Now select the columns in which the data are contained. With the prefix and suffix option it is possible to add e.g. quotation marks ahead and after line labels or add a 'c' in front of a column with color information. Use '1' in line values if there are no line values but other line infos.

Additional Informations

  • The option 'allow empty cells' creates a “*UNKNOWN*” vertex (in case of 2-mode: “*UNKNOWN1*” and “*UNKNOWN2*”).
  • Multiple lines stay multiple lines.
  • If there are any ” or ' (e.g. to identify text) they will be ignored.

txt2pajek & Command Line
Use exactly 9 parameters in exactly this way:

  1. Source File
  2. Destination File
  3. Seperator [tab, comma, semicolon, blank]
  4. 1st Column
  5. 2nd Column
  6. Line Values Column [0=set all line values 1]
  7. Line(s) from top to ignore
  8. Modes [1,2]
  9. Arcs or Edges [1=Edges, 2=Arcs]

For example: txt2pajek test.txt test.net tab 1 2 3 0 1 1

Download Text2Pajek (32-2G, 32-4G, and 64 bit), July 2012.

Old page: Converting text file data sets into Pajek format.
Old version Text2Pajek, February 2009.

Thanks to Vlado, Andrej and Harald for their inspirations.

25. July 2012 / 23. February 2009 / 15. October 2004

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