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 +====== UrlNet ======
 +Moved to [[http://code.google.com/p/urlnet-python-library/|Google Code]].
 +To the Pajek user community:
 +I want to bring to your attention a new resource for Pajek users I've just made available. You can view details and download manual and source at [[http://www.southwindpress.com/urlnet/|UrlNet page]].  I hope you will find it a worthy addition to the Pajek wiki's list of resources.
 +UrlNet is a library of Python classes aimed at extracting social network data from the Internet and exporting the data to formats compatible with network analysis software.  Currently output to Pajek and GUESS are supported.  "Tree" networks can be generated through harvesting and following outlinks from a starting-point "root" page. "Forest" networks can be created from a caller-provided list of URLs, or from a set of URLs extracted from a search engine result set.  In addition, UrlNet can build networks through the use of Web Service APIs such as those provided by Technorati, Delicious, Bibsonomy, and the National Center for Biological Information of the U.S. National Library of Medicine. 
 +The library is free for non-commercial use. Source code is provided. A 65-page PDF user manual is provided, along with more than 20 example programs demonstrating how to take advantage of UrlNet's features. 
 +With over 8,000 lines of code, the library is in an 'near-beta' stage of development at present, but is useful in its current state for many tasks, and can be easily extended by competent Python programmers. I will eventually be moving the library into an Open Source repository for collaborative development.
 +Dale Hunscher
 +April 29, 2008
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