Slides of presentations

  • Edwin Diday: Introduction to Symbolic Data Analysis and application to post clustering for comparing and improving clustering methods by the “Symbolic Data Table” that they induce. Improved version PPT
  • Andrej Srakar, Marilena Vecco: Panel data estimation in regressions for symbolic data: An application to the clustering of cultural entrepreneurial regimes. PDF
  • Richard Emilion: Estimating a Mixture of Dependent Dirichlet Distributions. PDF
  • Jorge Arce, Oldemar Rodríguez: Optimized symbolic principal components for interval-valued variables. PDF
  • Oldemar Rodríguez: Latest developments of the RSDA 2.0. PDF; RSDA 2.0. PDF
  • Masahiro Mizuta: Meta-analysis and SDA. PDF
  • Nataša Kejžar, Simona Korenjak-Černe, Vladimir Batagelj: Clustering of symbolic data with relational constraint: Demographic sex-age structures in US and Europe. PDF
  • Vartan Choulakian: Matrix Decompositions Based on Induced Norms with Applications to Interval Data. PDF
  • Vladimir Batagelj: Symbolic network analysis of bike sharing data; Citi Bike. PDF,PDF/mem

Related papers

  • Xin Zhang, Scott A. Sisson: Constructing Likelihood Functions for Interval-valued Random Variables. arXiv
  • Vartan Choulakian: Taxicab Correspondence Analysis of Sparse Contingency Tables. arXiv

Data sets

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