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  • V. Batagelj, N. Kejžar and S. Korenjak-Černe: Agglomerative clustering with relational constraints of large symbolic data sets (PDF)
  • C. Biernacki, et al.: MASSICCC: A SaaS Platform for Clustering and Co-Clustering of Mixed Data. (PDF), page
  • G. Saporta: Paul Lazarsfeld and latent classes: some history (PDF)
  • A. Irpino, J. Arroyo Gallardo: Dimension reduction technique for histogram variables: an application on a Human Activity Recognition dataset. (PDF)
  • Z. Wang, H. Wang and S. Wang: Linear Mixed-Effects Models for Longitudinal Compositional Data. (PDF)
  • O. Rodrıguez: Optimized dimensionality reduction methods for symbolic interval variables. (PDF)
  • E. de A. Lima Neto, F. de A.T. de Carvalho: An exponential-type kernel robust regression model for interval-valued variables. (p18-francisco.pdf)

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