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-====== 1215. sredin seminar, 27junij 2012 ====== +====== 1255. sredin seminar, 2december 2015 ====== 
-Vladimir Batagelj <vladimir.batagelj@fmf.uni-lj.si>+Rita Cimmino <ritacimmino@gmail.com>
-**Vrelci in brezna v usmerjenih omrežjih**+**Mixed-methods approach for the analysis of scientific 
 +  collaboration networks. 
 +  A case study of sociologists in Campania Region**
-Pred kratkim sem naletel na članka http://arxiv.org/abs/1005.2179 in +In the social sciencesthe last years have witnessed the emergence of 
-http://www.springerlink.com/content/5701377033448410/ v katerih +methodological debates about the opportunity for mixing methods in 
-avtorji vpeljejo pojma vrelca (volcano) in brezna (blackholeter +Social Network Analysis (SNA).
-podajo nekaj algoritmov za njih določitev.+
-Na seminarju si bomo na kratko ogledali oba člankaki ju bom +Recent mathematical developments and computing technologies have 
-razširil s svojimi razmišljanji in zamislijo alternativnega +enabled statistical computations of large network structures. Despite 
-algoritma+much of development of SNA has occurred using a quantitative 
-http://vlado.fmf.uni-lj.si/vlado/papers/Euler.pdf+perspectivehowever, more researchers have studied the social 
 +networks using qualitative methods. In this prospective, the social 
 +network is “social world”, a world of shared meanings, feelings, 
 +conventions, norms and identitiesThe qualitative methods allow to 
 +understand the process of creating of social networkFor this reason, 
 +networks are both structure and process at same time and a mixing 
 +methods can be more useful when considering the various aspects of 
 +This research concerns an analysis of sociologists’ co-authorship
 +network in Campania Region adopting a mixed approach. On the hand, we
 +have chose to analyze the co-authorship network to detect the formal
 +collaboration between the authors and, on the other hand, have used
 +in-depth interviews to understand informal collaboration. We will show
 +how a mixed approach made it possible to detect in depth the dynamics
 +related to the scientific collaboration network.
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