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1258. sredin seminar, 13. januar 2016

Bojan Korenini

Consistent Laddering technique

Consistent Laddering is a qualitative research technique that belongs to the domain of Personal Construct Psychology. It based on an earlier technique, called Laddering, which has been used since late 60s, mainly in psychotherapy. A variant of Laddering gained popularity in marketing research in early 90s. Laddering is used in personal interviews to elicit personal constructs, dimensions along which a subject divides his/her world e.g warm – cold, long – short. Constructs obtained in an interview can be represented as a directed graph.

Consistent Laddering improves shortcomings of traditional Laddering technique, and provides better insights into subject's construing of the investigated topic. A computer software has been developed to help the interviewer to conduct an interview, detect inconsistencies in subject's construing etc.

Networks of personal constructs obtained in semi-structured qualitative Consistent Laddering interviews may prove beneficial in gaining insight of how interviewees think in regards to an investigated topic. A sequential qualitative-quantitative design may also be used in research. Presentation focuses mainly on the novel approach to Laddering technique, software that is used in interviews, and analytical procedures used in quantitative stage of this kind of research. Multicriteria clustering is used to analyze attributive and relational data.

Theoretical foundations of the presented interviewing technique, and also practical applications of this research approach are briefly discussed.


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