PEERE refs / VB

Horizon 2020


1. Conceptualization

Why is the review needed? Functions of review:

  1. funding
  2. promotion
  3. archiving

Objects: papers, grants, patents, books, media, …

Traditional papers were/are printed. They are unchangeable.

Today's technology permits to view the paper as an object in evolution: versions, comments, references, supplementary materials, opinions, color, influence (citing papers). Different reviewing strategies can be applied.

2. Evaluation of traditional PR

Descriptions of review process. Sources of data. Data sets. Additional data about reviewers: age, gendre, nationality, hirsh index, keywords, activity, …

Quality of reviews. Repeating the reviews of selected works (sample) and comparing the results - stability?

Study of historical data about the reviewing process in selected journals/funds. Bias.

Attracting and motivating reviewers.

TD-IDF distributions in general texts.

3. Prevention and detection of cheating

Forms of cheating. Plagiarism.


4. Tools for support of the reviewing process

Helping authors to select the right journal(s).

Detection of plagiarism. Copyrights.

Checking the language.

Determining the topic(s) of a work. Searching for competent reviewers using the collaboration network and keywords. Reducing the conflict of interests.

Similar works. “Missing” references.

Fast filtering of works in case of large number (conferences, projects). Accept/reject.


Easychair: Note also that our non-free licenses include a service making it possible for you to make copies of all your conference data in the Excel and XML format at any time.

Magistrska tema

Podatkovna podpora recenzij

Raziskovalci ustvarjajo raznovrstne izdelke: poročila, članke, knjige, predloge projektov, patente, … Večkrat je potrebno posamezne izdelke ovrednotiti (pregledati, recenzirati). To so razmeroma zahtevni postopki, ki pa jih bi bilo mogoče marsikje olajšeti z uporabo ustreznih programskih orodij: preverjanje izvirnosti (odkrivanje plagiatov), preverjanje jezikovne pravilnosti, ocenjevanje izvirnosti, izbira ustreznih recenzentov, seznam izdelkov s podobno vsebino, skladnost s tematiko revije, …

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