Temporal networks

Dataset: violence


The network violence contains a temporal network of violent activities among political actors in Italy in the years 1919-1922. It contains 29 nodes (political actors) over 48 months (Jan-19 to Dec-22).

This is a drawing of aggregated violence.ten network.


The file violenceTen.zip contains the following files:

  • violence.ten - network in TEN format;



Roberto Franzosi collected from the journal news in the period (January 1919 - December 1922) information about the different types of interacttions between political parties and other groups of people in Italy. The violence network contains only the data about violent actions and counts the number of interactions per month. It was created for a presentation at the ECPR summer school, Ljubljana, July 19-August 4, 2007.


The original data were transformed in Pajek format: all types of violent actions were considered as a single type - violence; different similar groups of people were reduced to 29 classes.


  • ? ? ? : Roberto Franzosi collected the data.
  • July 19, 2007: Vladimir Batagelj, Roberto Franzosi, and Andrej Mrvar transformed the violence data into Pajek format
  • April 16, 2014: Vladimir Batagelj transformed he data in Pajek format into Ianus format.


  • Roberto P. Franzosi. From Words to Numbers: Narrative, Data, and Social Science. Cambridge University Press, 2004. (Amazon)
  • Roberto P. Franzosi. Mobilization and Counter-Mobilization Processes: From the ‘Red Years’ (1919-20) to the ‘Black Years’ (1921-22) in Italy. A New Methodological Approach to the Study of Narrative Data. Special issue of Theory and Society on 'New Directions in Formalization and Historical Analysis' 26(1997)2-3, pp. 275-304, Roberto Franzosi and John Mohr (eds.).
  • Roberto P. Franzosi. Sociology, narrative, and the quality versus quantity debate (Goethe versus Newton): Can computer-assisted story grammars help us understand the rise of Italian fascism (1919–1922)? Theory and Society 39(2010)6, 593-629.



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