WoS2Pajek and Preprint / Networks from the Web of Science

The program WoS2Pajek transforms data from Web of Science into a collection of compatible networks.

The program Preprint transforms a citation network into its acyclic version. From August 2015 the Preprint transformation is available in Pajek.

WoS2Pajek and Preprint


Contribution to MDTS challenge.


WoS (Web of Science)

  • "social network*" networks (August 2007)
  • SN3 (“social network*”)
  • SocNet (SO=(Social networks))
  • SN5 (“social network*” AND SO=(Social networks)) plus most frequently cited works plus around 100 SNA researchers
  • CentNet (centrali* AND network*)
  • Central (centralit* AND (index* OR indices OR measure*))
  • Rnd (“random number generat*”)
  • JoC (SO=(Journal of Classification)); JoC April 2009 (ZIP)
  • JCTB (SO=(Journal of Combinatorial Theory series B))
  • JGT (SO=(Journal of Graph Theory))
  • GDraw (“graph draw*”, “graph layout*”, “graph visual*”, “network visual*”)
  • TopInd (“topological indices”, “topological index*”)
  • Examples from ECPR summer school'08 (August 14, 2008): Rumor, Legislative process, Games.

24. August 2009 / 4. June 2007

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