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Scientific Committee

  • L. Billard (UGA, USA)
  • P. Cazes (CEREMADE, Paris-Dauphine University)
  • D. Colazzo (LAMSADE, Paris-Dauphine University)
  • S. Pinson (LAMSADE, Paris-Dauphine University)
  • M. Ichino (College of Science and Engineering, Tokyo Denki University, Japan)
  • M. Noirhomme (Namur University, Belgium)
  • S. Sisson (UNSW Sydney, Australia)
  • H. Wang (School of economics and management Beihang University, China)

Organizing committee

  • P. Bertrand, (CEREMADE, Universit√© Paris-Dauphine)
  • E. Diday, (CEREMADE, Universit√© Paris-Dauphine)
  • W. Litwin, (LAMSADE, Universit√© Paris-Dauphine)

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